The 1st Graphene Approach

We are here to help

Breakthroughs add value when they enter the mainstream of commerce and industry. 1st Graphene approaches this promising industry as a commercial enterprise with a strong investment, management and marketing philosophy that focuses on marketability and near term viability.

To bring the benefits of graphene into the mainstream 1stGraphene engages in the following activities:

  • Product development advice and support
  • Feasibility Studies for specific applications
  • Manufacturing partnerships with those who use patented and proprietary processes to manufacture graphene at costs which allow for economical industrial application and retail marketing.
  • Manufacture and distribution of competitively priced graphene materials for use by others.
  • Sample and test packs of Graphene
  • Bulk Monolayer Graphene products
    • Non-Stacked Reduced Graphene Oxide  -NSrGO -(Graphene Flake)
    • Graphene Oxide Flake
    • Graphene Oxide in Solution
    • Graphene Film
    • Graphene Dots
    • Graphene Coatings
    • High Strength Metallurgical GrapheneTM Film
  • Monolayer Graphene coatings for anti-corrosion, lubrication, heat or electrical conductivity,  & shielding
  • Internally develop, manufacture and market commercial products that include graphene for improved product performance and value.
  • Cooperative R&D in our labs with corporations, large and small, who want to know if their product or industry application is a candidate for graphene.

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Graphene users, you will like what you see when you compare our varieties, quality and prices.

New marketing or licensing innovators will benefit with the support from our R&D projects group.

The time is right for your company to engage in R&D with graphene we encourage you to speak with us about confidential R&D relationships with our factories and laboratories.