Partners in Research

Step into the future of your company, engage in R&D with graphene.  We will help you explore the advantages offered in using graphene. Our experts are available to you to discuss your questions and ideas.  The appropriate manager, PhD, engineer or sales executive will be assigned to work directly with you in developing a your potential.

Partners in Research programs are available in these formats:

  • As a manufacturer of graphene, 1st Graphene offers in-house PhD level consultation, in-house graphene manufacturing, and qualified testing labs.
  • Our existing R&D efforts can be evaluated and prototypes tested in a field in which you are currently active.  Together with your industry experience, expertise and our graphene R&D efforts we can advance the development of a marketable product.
  • Your new idea may present a joint investment opportunity that leads to long term benefits for both of us.

For your protection, and ours, confidentiality, U.S. law and customary American business practices will be the basis for any discussions or R&D relationships.

To develop a specialty or commercial interest in one of our current topics or a viable idea not mentioned here, please contact us for a confidential discussion. Priority will be given to projects that have the best near-term opportunity for commercialization, retail distribution or licensing.


Graphene research has demonstrated that new ideas can come from anywhere. However, at this time 1st Graphene is engaged, or specifically interested in commercialization and R&D in the following areas:

  • Composite materials
    • for air and space craft applications
    • for automobile applications
  • Commercial paints and coatings
    • paints
      • anti-corrosion, shielding, electrical conductive, marine and aircraft
    • Coatings
      • spray-on lubricant, water proof, heat and electrically conductive
  • 3D Printing and 3D printer manufacturing
  • Capacitors and electrical components used in the renewable energy industries.
  • Plastic injection molding.
  • Extruded plastics.
  • Cutting tools, automated and hand operated.
  • Batteries
  • Filtration
    • small and large scale solar powered drinking water applications
    • hazardous waste clean-up
  • Pipe coatings for chemical and food processing, petrochemical and underground pipeline applications.
  • Surgical mesh.
  • Implantable medical devices.
  • Miniaturization in transportable medical devices.

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