Graphene Pricing

High Quality NSrGO and Graphene Oxide

Introductory Pricing for Commercial Clients.

Special sample set pricing for new commercial clients or Research Labs please go

to Research and Development Sample Sets 

Call or email for Kilogram pricing. (888) 836-1111

Unit price ($ per g)
Product Code                                    <20                      <100
GO-A1000                                       $200                      $150
GO-A400                                         $280                       $210
Dried GO-A400                              $320                       $300
TGF-700                                          $480                       $450
TGF-500                                          $384                       $360
TGF-300                                          $288                       $270


A1000 and A400 refer to the level of impurities other than oxygen

TGF – 300 to TGF -700 refers to the flake size

Subject to change without notice


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